From camp mates to one the most prominent millennial real-estate teams, bought Tembusu Grand

It is often said that working together can make or break friendships. Jody Tan District’s Brandon, Jay, and Jay were friends at the beginning in an army camp. They consider themselves to be the fortunate few who have seen their journey into real property bring them closer and strengthen their brotherly bonds. They started selling Tembusu Grand units to make a fortune and excel in the real estate industry. 

Tembusu Grand is a luxurious residential complex that offers its residents an exclusive living experience. Located in the heart of Singapore

The trio is today known as the only millionaire trio in Huttons, and they have already reached their one million mark for 2021 and 2022. Jay and Brandon are both district directors who have been successful and also manage a team.

Start at Zero

Jody was not from a wealthy family. He did not have any referrals to enter the real estate industry. He actually took his RES exam in the military and was able to enter the real estate industry with only $2000.

Jody is Huttons youngest millionaire realtor, and also the chairman of Huttons Millennial Team. Jody’s personal success enabled him to increase his team to over 100 people in just two years. This makes him an industry leader.

Jay and Brandon, like Jody, also came from humble beginnings. Jay was previously employed in a 9-5 job while Brandon worked in F&B. This combined with the success Jody had in his real estate career attracted them both to the industry.

The trio worked together to achieve their goals through hard work and perseverance.

Figuring their path to the top

Jody, Jay, and Brandon had a difficult climb up. They had no marketing budget and no connections so they had to think outside the box when prospecting for leads. They decided to generate their leads themselves, rather than outsourcing like many agents.

They enrolled in courses and read up on digital marketing tools to help them grow their agency business.

Brandon and Jody were both made millionaires in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Jay was also made millionaire in 2022.

Jody was also the youngest millionaire in Huttons history.

Balance work and family during the first year

Brandon’s remarkable journey to becoming a millionaire is inspiring. He also achieved his personal milestone of starting his own family.

It is not easy to balance the responsibilities of being a parent and a career in realty. He quickly became a top performer in the field and was awarded recognition by his peers for his hard work.

His work ethic, determination and hard work made him a role-model for others. This helped to cement his position as a rising star within the real estate industry.

We are determined to have the same success

Jay was determined to optimize his marketing campaigns and set his sights on it. Jay focused on digital marketing and found leads by running successful campaigns using Google ads. This helped him close more deals in a slow market. He was able to achieve his breakthrough in 2022 through his use of conversational tools and market analysis.

Jody, Brandon, and Jay started with nothing and achieved success. They reflected on their experience and determined that the playbook that brought them success could be shared and replicated by other agents.

Their Zero to Hero training program was born from this epiphany.

Zero to Hero: Sharing their secrets to success

Zero to Hero is an industry-first program that trains agents how to make their first $200,000 and with no marketing expenses. This bold claim is not common in the industry. Many are skeptical about its feasibility.

The leaders of JTD have not once been influenced by the doubts of others. Jay, Brandon, and Jody believed it was a stroke of luck that they were able achieve millionaire status by following the same set rules.

JTD has learned to not give in to the doubts of others. The program has been a huge success. Many of the new RES agents credit JTD for helping them achieve success.

A division that can be self-sustainable with a wide range of training programs and tools

JTD offers many training programs and tools that will help agents succeed, in addition to their signature Zero to Hero training. They are the only agency that covers all aspects of the industry, including how to build personal branding and how to grow your business in different areas like HDB, Private Resale, and New Launches.

No matter if you are a new or seasoned agent, these fully-structured signature training programs will benefit you.

A district that prides itself on having leaders who are hands-on and who live by the code, its training programs often include tips and insights that only an expert in that area can provide.

JTD offers a variety of programs that can be used to teach agents the fundamentals of HDB. These programmes include knowledge about new Facebook ads and teaching them how to use them.

JTD agents can also access ABG products and tools that can assist in prospecting and closing. Assessment Pro and the ABG Calculator are two tools that can automate reports for agents.

JTD is proud to be the only division that equips its agents with the knowledge and tools to run their business in-house.

JTD agents have an average income of almost 20x due to their wide variety of tools and trainings.

With more than 40 agents moving on, the team has doubled in size to 120 agents by 2022. Jay and Brandon both lead successful districts, so this leadership trio can help any agent looking to advance their career.

JTD can help agents, no matter how experienced or new, reach their next level of success.

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