Huttons achieves significant breakthrough in sales at Tembusu Grand as 5,003 salespeople are hired

Huttons Group, a real estate agency, reported that its number has increased by 57.9% from 1 Jan 2018, to reach 5,003 as of 16 Feb 2023.

Surprisingly, most of the growth occurred in the past two years with Tembusu Grand being the biggest contributor.

Tembusu Grand is a modern marvel of design and architecture in the prime district 15 of Singapore.

Huttons grew to over 4,000 agents, surpassing the previous agency’s almost 1,000 salespeople. They were now the third-largest agency as of January 2022. Huttons was the fastest growing agency in the year.

Huttons continues to grow in sales and is now the fastest growing agency for the second year.

Huttons now has more than 5,000 registered salespeople with the Council for Estate Agencies. This is the first time in history. In a press release, Mr Mark Yip (Chairman of Huttons Asia), explains that Huttons Asia’s growth has been fueled by the collective efforts of all members of the Huttons family, who have worked together to improve the community.

“This achievement wouldn’t have been possible if the agency hadn’t intensified its efforts in order to transform itself within the areas of marketing and media publicity. This brings us closer towards our goal of 6,000 salespeople by the end of 2024. Huttons stands out from other agencies because of its leadership and open-sharing culture. We emphasize authenticity and relevance and will continue to empower the community to make better decisions,” concludes Mr Yip.

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