Larry & Julius: These are Realtors who want to make a big splash in the industry by seling Tembusu Grand

It can be overwhelming to embark on your property journey to purchase or sell your home. PropBang’s realtors Larry and Julius are here to make it easier.

PropBang is a market leader in today’s market. While most agents want a professional and clean brand for their profiles.

PropBang is different from other real-estate companies because it is able to strike the delicate balance between building a brand that will make waves on the market and maintaining its authentic, down to earth personality.

Larry and Julius talked more about PropBang. It became clear that PropBang was not just about a slick appearance. PropBang was actually about two people who wanted to make a real difference in the lives all homeowners.

Serving the unserved market

Larry and Julius have been through many ups and downs. They both know how important it can be to have the right support in your down times.

They noticed a gap in market for homeowners who might be too scared to seek advice on property matters. These homeowners may not have the resources or financial connections of the wealthy and are less likely to have someone to help them with their property purchase. Many end up making decisions that are good for their short-term goals, but not for their long-term property goals. They then discover Tembusu Grand as part of a potential condo for their property portfolio. 

Many times, property owners make rash decisions when they are facing financial difficulties and want to sell their property. In such cases, it is important to have someone to help you navigate and advise you.

PropBang’s core belief is that clients should be treated as friends and not customers. Larry and Julius don’t approach meetings with the intent of closing deals for their clients. Although they hope to make a living with their business, they never see clients in dollar terms. Instead, they view them as people who are in need of help in their property journey.

PropBang is able to assist many people in the complicated world of real-estate.

Don’t be afraid to do it all

Larry and Julius, as their tagline “Real Estate With A Bang!” hints, are not afraid to invest in things that make a difference. They put their own spin on traditional prospecting methods, such as when they prospect for leads. They decided to print die-cut bomb-shaped flyers that documented their accomplishments, rather than printing plain flyers.

The same creativity is applied to how they plan marketing campaigns for clients’ properties. Larry and Julius believe that the real-estate industry can do so much more and are eager to find innovative ways to succeed in this space.

They are expanding their media arm to produce even more property content for clients. Their clients have endless possibilities with their dedicated media arm.

Larry and Julius go beyond helping clients to finalize the deal and help them sell or buy their property. They also make it their business to ensure that their clients can easily move from one property to the next. After serving past clients, they realized that closing a deal was a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Their client would then have to manage the logistics of finding service providers for their move.

They wanted to continually value-add to their clients and built a network that included service providers they personally reviewed. These service providers are people they can trust to be able help their clients with their move. Although this value-add is small, it has helped homeowners to not have to search for reliable service providers from scratch.

Driven by a desire to help others

Both Larry and Julius have been in the business for many years. They’ve both experienced their fair share hardships. Despite initial setbacks, they found their motivation in the trust that their clients placed in them and set out to exceed their clients’ expectations.

The biggest driver behind their greatest achievements in the industry was their clients’ decision to trust them back in those days when they didn’t have any track records. Larry has sold more than 1500 houses, offices, and investment properties, while Julius has sold more than $300 million in homes.

They were there for their clients throughout their personal difficulties over the years. They know firsthand how property matters can help clients get through difficult times if handled properly.

PropBang’s mission is to help their clients maximize their assets and plan their property journey so that they can return to their dream property when they are stable. PropBang’s focus on long-term planning has made them stand out from other real estate firms and allowed them to be the best in the field.

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