Linda Yang, a 3-Time PropNex millionaire and Top Project Sales Transactor. A Bold and Unique Approach to Defying Tembusu GrandMarket Norms

Linda was eager to start her real estate career right after she graduated from university in 2013. It was all history.

Tembusu Grand facilities, as its name implies, is inspired by the Tembusu heritage trees. The structure has a majestic design that resembles the tree’s sculptural form, with a combination of textures, colours and an iconic crown.

Linda is proud to be her third consecutive PropNex Millionaire title. She was ranked in the Top Producer category at 10 and she was named the Top 5 Project Transactor at PropNex Annual Convention 2022. This distinction made her the biggest real estate agency in Singapore with over 12,060 employees. She has grown a group of like-minded realtors, who share her passion for fulfilling homeowners’ dreams.

It may seem strange that someone would choose to work full-time with no guarantees. But Linda’s motivation was quite unusual. An incident in which her friend’s parents were misled into selling their property at a negative profit by an unscrupulous agent left a lasting impression. This was not properly communicated to them. Her family was forced to live with relatives for several years because they couldn’t afford to buy a second home and had to pay the CPF loan back. Linda’s belief system inspires her to see beyond the remunerations and offer advice with a client-first mentality. She is upfront and honest in offering the best recommendations and not just the most convenient.

The Roadmap for Success

Linda has received 18 Platinum and 3 Super Platinum awards within a span of three years. Linda is a dedicated realtor who has demonstrated consistent performance. She spends long hours structuring client portfolios and providing professional advice. Her perseverance and strong capital upside, combined with her analytical skills and keen eye for real property, has allowed her to rise through the ranks and built a large client base over the past decade. Her reputation in the Districts 9, 10, and 11 is testament to her track record in prime residential areas. Her relentless search for the best investment resulted in her venture into District 15, where she saw tremendous opportunities for her clients for 2020. They all enjoy a healthy growth rate of 20% to 35% in capital appreciation and a 60% to 120% return of equity.

Linda is a specialist in asset progression and investment. She uses her market knowledge, financial computations and statistical data to help her clients reallocate funds into high-yielding assets. Linda’s gentle demeanor may lead you to believe she is a soft-spoken and easygoing person. Linda’s clients would tell you that she is a sharp and savvy numbers person. She is able to guide them in their real estate decisions by fully understanding the financial implications of each sale and purchase. This is in addition to future exit strategies in case of market changes, family and investment plans. Her clients love her unique approach to her recommendations, which are always supported with facts and figures.

Serving from The Heart

She fondly remembers being approached in 2017 by a property investor who had a luxury condominium unit at Bukit Timah. He wanted Linda’s professional perspective on the investment asset because he was looking to sell the property. He was surprised when Linda presented her appraisal and suggested that the sale transaction take place one year later. She projected that the prices would peak in 2018. Linda’s advice was not what any other salesperson would recommend. However, her strategy resulted in 20% more profit for her client. The unit was sold off in the first half 2018.

Linda believes that a career as a realtor is more than a transactional one. She sees it as a role that can be used to advise and consult. Linda is a firm believer in honesty and integrity when building long-lasting relationships with her clients.

Linda plans to increase the number of property portfolios that HNWIs have under her care. My passion and hard work are the result of these awards and recognitions. “The recognitions and awards are a result of my passion and hard work.

Linda Yang, a 3-time PropNex millionaire and top project sales transactor. Using a Bold and Unique Approach to Defy Market Norms.

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